ZuluShield 1500 Series

ZuluShield 1500 Series

Multi-Threat Protective Blast Panels

one solution to defeat the threats, attack the risk

The world is a dangerous place to do business, to wage war, to protect peace, or have bad timing. No one has a crystal ball when it comes to predicting what threats you might face but why not draw from military, energy, and aerospace expertise to help your organization decimate risk by defeating threats. Why not hedge your bets and cover the meat of all three bell curves?

Whether you need a truckload of protective panels, a building certified for ballistics and forced entry, or a custom solution, Bravo Zulu is your answer. Balance your solution according to your requirements for cost, weight, and capability. ZuluShield 1500 is a modular solution (framed or frameless) designed to meet your threat assessment and make best use of existing protective assets. Ground up or retrofit, attached or standoff, Zulushield 1500 is in the sweet spot.

How do you eat blast..?

By doing something only Bravo Zulu can… kill the shockwave.